Shipment Errors

Track all receiving problems!

When shipping to Amazon, all kinds of problems can occur. They can check-in product incorrectly, lose items, and miscount the number received. Each of these errors costs you money. And in the case of miss-checking in a product, it can cause lots of returns, expenses, and negative feedback. Just like customer returns, you need to keep track of problems and request reimbursements when Amazon is at fault.

Our tool keeps track of every error in shipments and gives you a todo list that is linked with the reimbursements so you can see what got resolved. With our tool you no longer need to give 25-30% of your reimbursement away. Handle it all yourself or with one of your staff for just a couple of hours a week.

  • Filter issues daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, and yearly
  • Filter by shipment and issue status
  • Shows all differences between what was sent and what was received
  • Shows name, id, and fulfillment center code where the product was sent
  • Lists the date discovered, status, and shipment state
  • Title, ASIN, SKU, and FNSKU are all shown
  • Quantity shipped, received, and difference are highlighted
  • Differences show a cost value indicating lost inventory amount to the business
  • Notes available for each incident
  • Can change status to assist with filtering issues
  • Case number can be added which will become a link for future use