Shipment Editor

A most powerful Amazon FBA Shipment Editor!

You can Create, Edit, Delete, Rename, Modify, Merge, Duplicate, Resurrect, Import, Bulk Add, and Resync. And that is just what you can do on 1 shipment!

Your old shipments can easily be imported into a new shipment, items can be edited, removed, and you can rename your shipments so they are far easier to track than the date names Amazon uses.

Need to work on multiple shipments at the same time? Open each shipment in a different tab and switch between them.

Have staff working on different shipments? There are no limits on the number of users. Just refresh the page so that other's changes are brought into the screen.

And there are many features available to take the effort out of being compliant with all of Amazon's rules.

  • Automatic settings for adding new products
  • SKU Pattern support
  • Cost, price, min, and max defaults
  • Item note support with previous entries
  • Import other shipments to current shipment
  • Bulk add by sku and quantity
  • Summary of quantity, value, weight, and volume
  • Estimated number of boxes needed to ship
  • Link to shipment on Amazon
  • Automatic and manual printing of fulfillment sku labels
  • Printer dialog free printing of labels to any printer
  • Box Content tool integration
  • Image with large popup on click
  • Title, sku, fulfillment sku, and asin information
  • New listing creation support
  • Easy quantity editing
  • Expiration date support
  • Handling code editor with printing on fulfillment labels
  • Full and individual label printing support
  • Edits are live with Amazon. Use Refresh to pull changes made on Amazon