Sales Velocity

Know when and how much to send to FBA!

Running out of stock means you are out of business!

Keeping too much stock at Amazon means throwing away money in storage fees.

Know how much of a product you have, how long it will last, and how much you should send to Amazon. Our tool takes into account the amount of time it takes for you to get a product from your suppliers, get it processed, get it to Amazon, and for them to check it in. Not taking all of this into account means you will run out of stock and be out of business.

Our tool includes much more than just how long and how much. It shows profitability calculations, overstock quantities, how many items are in reserve, and more. Over 20 columns of data that you can configure and make the table show the information you need most. We even link the data to Seller Central, product detail pages, our own product research tool, and more.

  • Select products by supplier
  • Filter using 8 different options
  • FBA and supplier lead time to enhance stock outage visibility
  • Projected margin/profit calculations
  • Ability to change the fee date for Amazon Fee calculations
  • Turn on and off displayed columns by user
  • Downloadable spreadsheet with 40+ columns
  • Hover over amount Needed to see how it is calculated
  • Hover over Profit to see how it is calculated
  • Links to research and Amazon pages
  • Ability to group multiple skus by ASIN
  • Click velocity to see a chart showing change over time
  • Ability to search results using any text