Sales Tools

Sales reports of all types!

Sales are what drive your business. You need to understand what is profitable and by how much. You need to find what is not selling and either get it moving or get rid of it. And you need to do all of this quickly.

Between our Search/Report, and Graph/Downloads tools, you will be able to find these answers whether it is about one sale or for an entire year. We provide the summaries, but also the details depending on what you need.

  • View all products or by supplier
  • Group SKUs by ASIN
  • Summaries based on daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly timeframes
  • Show products that are out of stock only
  • Orders, items, and gross income shown for each day and weekly total
  • Daily sales breakdown showing sku, sales, and inventory for each day
  • Numbers are reactive to Amazon's reserved inventory
  • Out of stock products highlighted in red
  • Full graphs showing trends for sales over various timeframes
  • Profit calculations for the time period selected
  • Links on individual data into our product research tool and Seller Central
  • Downloadable Excel reports with enhanced graphs and color coding

Some of our reports offer information such as those products with no sales. And our custom reports provide other ways to view your sales data to help you make decisions. Every business is different, so let us know what custom reports you need and we will get them added to your account so you have access to the data you need.