Returns / Reimbursements

Track returns and get refunded!

Our return and reimbursement tools work together to help you make sure Amazon gives you back your money. No need to use a company that will charge you 25-30% of the reimbursements they find. You can track and monitor your returns and reimbursements yourself and keep that money.

Items returned in sellable condition are automatically resolved for you. When reimbursements are received, they are mapped to the returns and the expected refund is calculated. You can see what you should have received compared to what you did receive.

NOTE: Our system will go back as far as Amazon allows when pulling in information. Your top priority when signing up should be to look at those items that are almost 90 days old. You will want to get those cases created right away.

  • See information by day, week, month, quarter, semi-annual, or yearly
  • Filter by status, disposition and/or reason
  • Links to orders, skus, and case number (case number must be provided)
  • Automated notes and space to add your own. Track what is going on with a specific issue.
  • Change the status as needed. Mark as WAITING to review later. Or mark as RESOLVED and hide the issue.
  • Disposition and Reason are shown along with Amazon's definitions for each
  • Reimbursements show actual amount returned along with an expected calculation
  • Reimbursement ID is provided to make creating a case easier
  • Reimbursements are also integrated with our Shipment Errors tool