Multi-Shipment Editor

Work on many shipments at once!

Amazon wants you to separate your shipments to them, but they don't make it easy.

We have made the process very simple and added lots of other features to help you save work and potentially enjoy sending product to Amazon again.

When Amazon wants to split your products, we will put them into different shipments automatically. If a shipment doesn't exist going to the fulfillment center, we will create it. Just enter the number of products you have and then scan the fulfillment sku.

The details of each shipment stay closed so you can see the summaries of each. Expand any of them to check the products or make minor edits.

Print out the FNSKU labels as you add products to shipments so when it comes time to complete a shipment, our Box Editor tool can help you generate the information Amazon requires for each individual shipment.

  • SKU Pattern support
  • Cost, price, min, and max defaults
  • Item note support with previous entries
  • Import other shipments to current shipment
  • Bulk add by sku and quantity
  • Summary of quantity, value, weight, and volume
  • Estimated number of boxes needed to ship
  • Link to shipment on Amazon
  • Automatic and manual printing of fulfillment sku labels
  • Printer dialog free printing of labels to any printer
  • Image with large popup on click
  • Title, sku, fulfillment sku, and asin information
  • New listing creation support
  • Easy quantity editing
  • Expiration date support
  • Handling code editor with printing on fulfillment labels
  • Full and individual label printing support
  • Edits are live with Amazon.