Keyword Research

Learn what buyers are searching for!

Buyers are looking for something. The words they use can be hard to figure out. All websites provide search helps to users in hopes of helping them get what they want more quickly. These are the top used search terms because they are being offered to users.

By using these words on your listings, you improve the odds of your product being shown to potential buyers. Knowing what people search for on other sites can help you find alternative spellings and phrases they might use when shopping on Amazon.

Our tool provides access to over 50 websites in 16 countries where you can see what terms people are using. Got a favorite website or don't see one that should be included? Let us know and we will get it added to this list.

  • Search any term, even multiple terms
  • Support for Alibaba, Amazon, Bing, eBay, Etsy, Google, Rakuten, Wikipedia, and Yahoo
  • Category support when supported by the website
  • A-Z and 0-9 additional keywords retrieved for every search
  • Download options return search results for All Websites, All of the current website, or the current results
  • Select button in each term box to simplify copying results
  • The easiest and fastest way to search for terms on 10 websites at the same time