Expense Downloads

Full breakdown of all fees and expenses!

Amazon has over 200 different categorizations of fees that we have tracked thus far. All of these fees add up, and when you get your payment from Amazon every 2 weeks, you want to know why your payment is lower than you expected.

Amazon breaks down all your fees into transaction types, payment types, and payment details. We track this for every sale, inventory storage charge, loan repayment, and promotions. If it happens financially, we have a record of it and can show you all the details.

The website will let you drill down into the fees while our Excel download gives you a nice way to work the numbers and do some research.

All financial data may be selected by a time period or settlement. And the transactions can be filtered by report type if you wish.

  • Over 200 different Amazon fees tracked
  • Automatic discovery of new Amazon fee types
  • Filtering available using any date frame from daily to yearly
  • View fees based on Settlement
  • 3 level breakdown of fees: Transaction Type, Payment Type, and Payment Detail
  • The screen has drill-down capability to view various fees
  • Downloads have records of all fees based on criteria selected
  • NOTE: For fees associated with a sale, the Sales tool should be used.