Box Packing

Designed to make Touch Screen Kiosks!

You can Create, Edit, Delete, Rename, Modify, Merge, Duplicate, Resurrect, Import, Bulk Add, and Resync. And that is just what you can do on 1 shipment!

And there are many features available to take the effort out of being compliant with all of Amazon's rules.

  • Easy selection of all working shipments
  • Dialog free printer support
  • Summary data showing count, items, ship weight, and billable weight
  • Easy submission to Amazon with resubmit capability
  • 200* box support, up to Amazon's max (error at Amazon limits to about 145)
  • See contents of each box just by selecting it
  • Management of box types. Enter dimensions and give them names!
  • Simple process to scan items and put into a box
  • Close the box and easily start a new box
  • Printed ID label for matching shipping label later
  • Multiple user support
  • Password protection for editing closed boxes
  • Reprint ID's as needed
  • Deletion of a box managed to keep numbers in sync for Amazon
  • Image and product data for easy verification while scanning