Batch Research

Product Research like no other!

Most tools give you the basics. We give you a lot more to help you avoid mistakes.

You can use just about anything to search for a product. An ASIN, UPC, GTIN, text, whatever! We will search Amazon for it and show you the results. Multiple responses give you a choice dialog to select the one you want to see.

We show your inventory if you have any, and we give you the last 30 and 90 days of sales if there are any. We even give you the date and price of the last sale.

We look at all sellers and give you a dialog showing their net income from Amazon for the sale. Subtract from this your costs and you can quickly know your profit

And we have a special button labeled SELLABLE which takes you to a page on Seller Central so you can quickly see if you can sell the product or not.

Everything you need to make a decision about buying and selling the product on the spot. No more buying something you already have and finding out later it isn't selling well.

  • Search any way you wish: ASIN, EAN, UPC, URL containing an ASIN, text, etc
  • Popup with multiple results to select from
  • Sales Rank percentage estimate
  • Weight and FBA shipping weight
  • Category and shipping credit for merchant fulfillment
  • FBA Storage Fee details
  • Full listing creation support
  • Inventory details for each sku
  • Last sale date and its price
  • Trade in value from Amazon if available
  • 30 and 90 day historical sales, returns, and average price
  • Fee date support for calculation of potential Amazon FBA fees
  • Page Owner and Buy Box owners if available
  • List of 15 lowest price sellers and their feedback statsand offer details
  • 8 alternate search sites through the search bar
  • Enhanced Search Bar search-bar Links to other sites for product research.